Monday, 22 February 2016

Leg Training with #MuscleMassBrothers at Fitness First

Leg Day Training MuscleMassBrothers Two Routines

Leg Day

Two Sunday trainings of legs at Fitness First Leyton  Mills. 

Thanks to Fitness First who courtesy allowed Muscle Mass Brothers to train and record for the last few weeks. We are very grateful for the possibility and support. We love the atmosphere which Fitness First stuff and members create at the gym.

(Photograph of Fitness First Leyton Mills Gym) 

Perhaps not the best weather for the last two Sundays, however it was a great workout and warm atmosphere in the gym that kept us strong and motivated.

#SundayLegDay on 07/02/2016:

Three weeks ago MuscleMassBrothers had a great heavy weight leg training. 

The training of heavy weights consisted of 4 sets and 10 reps each. Every new set of the next 10 reps was an increase of weights by 10kg at least. Heavy weight training allows us to build our muscle bigger and stronger. We did 5 exercises each concentrating on our legs:

1. Leg Extension
2. Squat with barbell
3. Seated Leg Curl
4. Incline Leg Press
5. Calf Raise on Leg Press

Ending day with little of stretches and sauna for muscle regeneration. 

To be honest we were barely able to walk and next two days were just leg killers, but the pain was worth it. To progress there are no shortcuts, we will always feel the pain but the pain is just indication of the progress and growth. 

#SundayLegDay on 21/02/2016

This Sunday we have tested another training routine which is actually Andrzej's training programme. 

The training consisted of lighter weights of 3 sets 25 reps each. Yes when I heard it I was surprised too. This training works a bit differently, more like building up muscle stamina, as well as creating nicely shaped muscle. We did 6 exercises concentrating on our legs: 

1. Leg Extension
2. Squat with barbell
3. Seated Leg Curl
4. Incline Leg Press
5. Dead lift of barbell on straight  legs (stretching exercise great for legs) 
6. Calf Raise on Leg Press

The exercise was really something, working out on our leg stamina has been really new experience yet very demanding. We felt like after the last Sunday training although the goal was different. There are different ways to progress depending on our goals. 

To summarize both Sundays the first workout concentrates more on building up bigger and stronger muscle, demanding lots of strength. The second training would be for people who work on stamina and cutting down to chisel our bodies. Something what bodybuilders do to gain muscle/weight they train with heavy weights, to lose weight and fat as well as shaping muscles they would follow second training. 

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Thanks to London - Fitness First Leyton Mills Gym for the opportunity to film and train!

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