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MMB Reduction and Lean Muscle

Muscle Mass Brothers Reduction and Building Lean Muscle

The main aim of any bodybuilder is to create sculpture out of your own body. The muscle development is hard and long process, but with right training programme, diet and great motivation anything is possible. Muscle Mass Brothers one of the first reasons or purposes was to engage with people to teach/learn about muscle development as well as motivating in pursuit of own goals and dreams. Our aim is to build muscle, be strong and to teach others about achieving similar goals. Developing muscles is part of any competitive sport whether it is bodybuilding, martial arts, football or any other physically active type of sport.

How do we begin? The planning and right diet.

Beginning with basics is what makes the difference. Firstly the right diet is a key which cannot be ignored. Like we mentioned before gym/training is only 30% and 70% is what we eat. Planning ahead with what we will be consuming is a must, the most basic level of reaching body targets and goals. Check our blog about calculating macro and micro elements of your diet or contact Muscle Mass Brothers for diet aimed at your own needs and targeting your goals. After covering the diet remember to plan with your shopping and food prep to make it easier for yourself and stress free.

There are various choices of diets and which one is the right one? Well that is the question you would have to ask yourself. Muscle Mass Brothers two most successful diets tested and most successful are the balanced diet with reduction of calories over a time adjusting to our own body needs or low carb keto diet. We have covered keto diet before just follow the link to the post.

The diet depends on your body type, needs, and goals. In this blog post we will cover reduction and aspects of creating clean and lean muscles. Reduction is quite hard path but it's a must if you want to create great looking muscles. By just gaining weight and muscle mass you will not achieve your best form.

 Looking at Andrzej photo we can confirm that reduction is a key of developing you body and lean muscles. Of course it does not mean you will forever be cutting down. When you reach your desired reduction weight and look of muscles there is another stage which is bulking up that allows your body to gain muscles as well as weight. However the key of gaining is to keep growth as clean as possible. The aim would be to grow muscle mass not body fat which would destroy whole cutting down work. the gaining of muscle mass will be covered soon in our future post looking at Alex who is finishing his bulking up period.

Covering 70% of basics the diet we should look at what is mostly enjoyable and we don't mean a cheat meal but the training! Of course we will cover cheat meal in future blog too...

The thing we enjoy most... The training!
'No Pain no Gain!'

Training in the gym is another step or the rest of 30% of basics which needs to be covered to reach our bodybuilding dreams and transformations. Like with the diet the plan of training is really important to develop successfully. We will focus on reduction and shredding fat for lean muscles as a base for our next step which would be gaining muscle mass. Let's focus on planning training for reduction. The gym gives us limitless options of shredding down via cardio workouts, weights and intervals. Not mentioning how many different kind of exercises there is and still been developed by many sport people to achieve best results. Muscle Mass Brothers are split between each field.


There are many ways of reducing body weight and shredding to leaner muscle. We will cover one of the tested and successful paths. Taking example from Andrzej's training plan who uses lighter weight but doing more reps, Filip has also followed similar path of working with lighter weight and building up reps numbers adding explosiveness to it, sounds a bit like interval training with weights. How it works? Well it is pretty simple but don't confuse with easy to do, we promise your muscle will hurt and burn you even after lighter weights. As an example we can take chest exercises. For the start we take really light weights to warm up beginning with around 20-25 reps. The key is to stick to reps and do not stop until you reach the count. The adjusting of weight is also important we are not going heavy weight but with each set we shall increase weight slightly to create more resistance and to work those muscles to great shredding effect. Let's say we add a bit of weight but still do at least 20 reps on the second set and on the 3rd set we continue adding weight and slightly decrease the reps to 15 per set. Make sure your muscle begin to burn that is the pain we want to feel when working with lighter weight it means your muscles are working. Similar pattern we follow for each exercise we do, sounds really simple. Trust us it is really effective and will definitely keep you sweating and defining you muscles.

Of course there are more ways of training when at the stage of reduction, but it has been reaching our reduction goals pretty well so far that is why we decided to talk about it.


The interval training is great for reduction increasing insensitivity as well as your heart rate in quick burst with short breaks in between. Intervals are great for increasing metabolism which would greatly help with reduction period. There are countless ways of doing intervals in the gym either by yourself or in the classes at your local gyms. The choice is yours, Filip one of our MMB members decided to do his intervals as Muay Thai classes. Most of martial art classes are great interval workouts as well as cardio. We will always mix sections of training together as our bodies need changes for better development.  

On the other hand if we rather exercise solo there is plenty of equipment in most of the gyms which will allow you to do great interval workout. The example of equipment you could consider using would be TRX ropes, Sprints, Lunges, Jumps, Skipping Rope and much more. Anything with high intensity for short period of times with short breaks will work great as interval workout.

Depends what we like more but any option is great or mix of few of them. Depending on how much time and days in a week you spend in the gym. Also we can't forget to stretch before exercising as this will not only improve our movement but also muscle definition. Stretching will be discussed in future posts please check our social platforms for updates.


Lastly but not least we will discuss importance of cardio. Cardio exercise will improve condition of your heart. Your heart is a muscle just like any other and in order for it to become strong it must be worked. If you fail to work it, it will weaken over time and this can cause a variety of negative health effects. By getting the heart pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis you will keep it in shape and healthy. Cardio exercise like steady jog or running with about 135-150 heart beat is an optimal level to burn fat which has to be done for at least 30 minutes. Another reason to perform cardio is for its effects on the metabolism. Along with speeding up your heart rate, cardiovascular exercise also increases the rate of various other processes in the body, also known as your metabolism. Remember that sprints will definitely help your metabolism too, so you can try run at steady pace and sprint every few minutes but try to do it for at least 30 minutes.

We will continue expanding our blog and focusing on more aspects of training and diets. We will focus more on each area of exercising as our team members are on different training systems and at different levels. Filip is on reduction for at least 2 more months, Alex is beginning his reduction after bulking up, Andrzej is beginning to test different diets and training for better muscle definition and some muscle growth, Daniel has been on reduction for few weeks already too.

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