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Creatos Media: Muscle Mass Brothers & Creatos Media: MMB & CM join forces Muscle Mass Brothers have joined forces and will work together on rising our profiles. Who are Muscle Mass B...

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Muscle Mass Brothers Website #musclemassbrothers

Muscle Mass Brothers Website and Social Media 



Muscle Mass Brothers website is live and almost ready. You can check out our gallery and link to our social media. Our sections begin from :


We will post our most recent photos and events Muscle Mass Brothers have attended. Also we will post most recent news about our accomplishments and progress. 

Our Coaches

This section will allow you to meet our coaches Andrzej Adamski, Daniel Lagocki and Aleksander Janczak. They are experienced in gym, bodybuilding, dieting, supplementation and different types of exercising depending on the aim. For example losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or getting ready for specific sport event like, marathon, fight or expo. 

Project: Gym

We will post our interviews, photos and video production about local gyms that we will visit with Muscle Mass Brothers members including our director and owner of Creatos Media, Filip Janczak. The gym will begin from East London as those are our local gym however on forum you can post about your local gym and we might be able to come and film our training in your desired gym. 


Gallery will include most recent photos of our memmbers, attending events, gyms and body transformations. 

Blog & Forum

This section will link you to our Forum and Blog where you can ask question register as our forum member and find out news from our Blog. 

Contact Us

You can always contact us via our website put your name, email, subject or question that you would like to ask us and write detailed message. Also check our social media channels.

Social Media channels

Muscle Mass Brothers (MMB) #MuscleMassBrothers


Muscle Mass Brothers Forum

Forum is active and functional

Muscle Mass Brothers forum is active and welcoming new members. We are happy to discuss any sport aspects based on our elite members with experience of gym, fitness, bodybuilding, dieting, supplementation and how to achieve desired transformation.

Lets start from the top 

Muscle Mass Brothers  

First section will state the rules of our new amazing forum, also we will post our profiles, explaining who we are and how we can help you out. 


Diaries are your workout and diet, daily routine to keep track of your progress.

"My suggestion is to create your diary with your nickname so everyone will know who's diary it is. For example "Scofield Diary" or something extra like "Scofield - road to expo 2016" etc...
Secondly it will be nice if you can introduce yourself to others - your name, age, how long ago you started training, your records etc...
Pictures are the best way of keeping track of your progress so good idea is to paste pictures, actual ones or the transformation you have already made. Another great idea will be to write about your measurements, but it's not a must - this is only a suggestion Smile Lastly, your diet and supplements you are taking - you can share your experience with supplements, give us your thoughts about specific products etc."


What to take and how to dose your supplements.
Before you ask any question remember to write about yourself, your goals and what you want to achieve with supplements.

"n this section we will concentrate on supplements. Everyone who wants to take some supplements wish to know something about them before and as we all know company that sells that specific product won't say anything bad about it and that's why we are here Very Happy Feel free to give us your thoughts about supplements you are taking or have some information about them. Also if you are not sure of buying product X or product Y feel free to ask, we will try to help as much as possible."


With proper diet you will see the best results.
Good diet is a MUST to achieve your best shape ever.

"In this section we will concentrate on diets - main KEY to achieve success. Everyone who has questions about diets, how to make one, or is not sure if the actual diet is correct feel free to post your question. Also feel free to post any recipes (just remember to keep it FIT Very Happy)"

Personal Training 

If you wish to achieve best results you need a personal trainer !

"If you wish to achieve best results you need a personal trainer who will tell you everything to achieve your goals, no matter if you wish to lose weight, gain weight, or simply start healthy life style.
Remember if you live far away it doesn't matter, we can do online coaching.
Feel free to PM us to ask anything about personal training"


This section of forum is to show the transformation of our training, dieting, supplementing and consultation with our personal training. 

"In this topic we will show you our transformations we have made during the past years. Feel free to post your transformations Smile

I suggest to paste first picture, write when it was made and then paste second picture Very Happy"

Project: GYM

Project: GYM will concentrate on finding and videoing your local gyms.
Muscle Mass Brothers will give you feedback about those gyms.

"In this section we will post information about the gyms that we have visited. We will try to visit as many local gyms as possible, interview the owners as well as people who train there. We will make one training session at each gym and give you our thoughts. Feel free to post which gym we should visit and why."


If you would like to sponsor us in any way please feel free to post your proposal here or pm us.

"Muscle Mass Brothers would be very grateful if you wish to support us in any way. It can be financial help, supplements, vouchers, graphics for our website etc..."

Creatos Media

Creatos Media is a company working with Muscle Mass Brothers promoting (MMB) via website design, graphic and social media promoting campaigns also with video production.

"Creatos Media is a business which promotes companies and individuals. Muscle Mass Brothers (MMB) are first of our clients for which we created website, forum, social media platforms, video production and graphic design. Creatos Media can offer your services to you as well. Check our website (CreatosMedia), PM us or create a post about your business, idea, profession we can help you market yourself."

Visit our Website and Forum:


Muscle Mass Brothers LOGO

Finally we have logo for muscle mass brothers website and our social media.
Check our design and let us know if it is COOL enough.


Black logo

Black with title

Transparent with title

 Transparent logo

Check out Website and Forum: