Sunday, 22 May 2016

Muscle Mass Brothers at BodyPower Expo

BodyPower event with MMB

Birmingham BodyPower Expo on 13th May - 15th May 2016.

 The journey to Birmingham from London begin on Saturday with most MMB members excluding Alex who had to study and finish his university work. 

 Although we missed one member the experience had been awesome. 
The train journey has been fun as we couldn't wait until we arrive at Birmingham to leave our baggage at hotel and head towards NEC where BodyPower Expo has been organised. Going out for a great journey with bunch of friends who you train with and share similar passion is an awesome experience. 

Muscle Mass Brothers Saturday:

On the first day at BodyPower Expo at NEC we were surprised by how many people actually attended the event even more compared to last year. It is great to see how the liking for gym, bodybuilding and sport is growing. Been around so many professionals and people passionate about the sport had been tremendous. We could feel the atmosphere even before entering through the gates. After been stapled we could see enourmous crowds and banners of many different supplements, bodybuilding team, clothing and few other well known companies. 

The queue to see great bodybuilders like Rich Piana has been endless. There is so many people interested into bodybuilding and gym hence such amazing atmosphere.  5% has been known brand of Rich Piana for some time now, Muscle Mass Brothers hope to be so successful as most of the professionals we met at the Expo.

Definitely supplement companies had a great time too. Here is a USN stand with people crowding around. There were few competitions, freebies and talks which attracted large number of fans. Check USN website to see their supplements and apparel. 

 Trec Nutrition & Wear and some of professionals Muscle Mass Brothers wanted to meet has been also greatly occupied by huge crowds. We had a chance to win a competition and got some really nice t-shirts. 

We had a great opportunity to meet MichaƂ Karmowski (born: 28 January 1979) – Polish bodybuilder, multimedalist in Polish championships in bodybudilding, Europe bodybulding vice champion, 5. in the world and Polish national team member in bodybuilding.

MMB & Michal Karmowski Trec Team
MMB Filip Trec
MMB Lukas Trec
MMB Daniel Trec
 It is always motivational to meet people who inspire you. Whether it is gym, bodybuilding, martial arts or any other sport. Meeting Miachal Karmowski from Trec Team had been a awesome experiacance hope to see him again at BodyPower Expos in future. 

The day had been great with a lot to see and time just flying away. The event like BodyPower Expo is an event that can't be missed if you into bodybuilding, gym, fitness and any other body related sports. Muscle Mass Brothers were astonished that the food served at the Expo had been purely concentrated no healthy and nutrition meals. There were no unhealthy snacks or fast food which makes such event an awesome place to be to learn and share own knowledge. Did not matter what kind of diet you had there was everything and anything suitable for any kind of diet. 

MMB enjoying healthy meal during BodyPower Expo. Each member could match meal to their own diet. Whether it was for muscle mass gaining or fat reduction we could enjoy a tasty and yet suitable meal. 

Muscle Mass Brothers with Robert Burneika 

MMB & Robert Burneika
MMB Daniel & Burneika
MMB Lukas & Burneika
MMB Andrzej & Burneika
 Robert Burneika a bodybuilder born in Lithuania. Great bodybuilder with huge Biceps as seen on the photos. He is a bodybuilder who participated in many bodybuilding professional competitions. Robert Burneika may  be yet another athlete inspiration for many people who is a very successful bodybuilder greatly sculptured. 

Robert Burneika websites:

Muscle Mass Brothers with Expo female athletes 

MMB Filip & Alysia Magen
Muscle Mass Brothers Expo Lukas
MMB Andrzej with Alysia Magen
Muscle Mass Brothers Expo Daniel
MMB Lukas with Alysia Magen
Muscle Mass Brothers Expo Filip
MMB Daniel with Alysia Magen
 Meeting womens who are interested into gym and bodybuilding is one of the best experiences we had at Expo. Females can be fit at the gym and passionate about bodybuilding. We most definitely enjoyed meeting them at BodyPower as they share similar goals and focus on improving health, looks and muscles gained in the gym. Lifting can be both for male and females it is only your mind that is stopping you. Stay motivated and never give up in reaching your goals. 

Thanks to Ultralife girls.

Thanks to Alysia Magen and check her Instsgram

BodyPower Expo attractions 

There were numerous attractions going on throughout the 3 days. From Bodubuiling show to MMA and Strongmen competition. 

Big Ramy
BodyPower Fitness
Bodypower Winner
Martial Arts
Female Powerlifting
Gym at Expo

The shows, competitions and other attractions were countless and we were not able to attend most of them, yet we really enjoyed BodyPower Expo at Birmingham. The shows like Strongmen competition had been exciting to watch the huge guys carrying heavy weights. Also the martial arts and MMA octagon section was really amazing to see as some of Muscle Mass Brothers are part of Martial Art gyms or just like to watch the sport. We could see some famous athletes like Big Ramy. Furthermore we watched females on stage who looked amazing. Bodybuilding has been the main focus of the expo and of course the gym.  

Muscle Mass Brothers had to buy some amazing t-shirts and much more as the clothes looked awesome.

 This is only small part of what we got for ourselves but definitely it was worth going to Birmingham for BodyPower Expo and meeting professional and passionate people who attended the event. 

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