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#MMB Meeting Kickboxing Champion


GMMA Training Muay Thai
 Muscle Mass Brothers has finally got a chance to spend some time with Krystian Ozog - World Champion in middleweight at BIKMA (British and International Kickboxing and Martial Association).

After a great Muay Thai training Filip had a chance to go for a after training lunch with Krystian and his wife. Really lovely couple, enjoyable Mexican atmosphere has created a relaxed mood with some tasty burritos, guacamole and tacos.

GMMA Academy where Krystian is an
instructor, is Filip's favorite place of martial arts training. Gurumuay is mix of Muay Thai and Thai Boxing making it really different to other fighting gyms. The diversity of martial arts, fitness, strength and conditioning training makes Gurumay training with Krystian very desirable place to train at Shephard's Bush - Fitness First gym.

How does GMMA describes themselves:

"GMMA Academy is a Martial arts community that incorporates Gukwoone mixed martial arts members and GuruMuayThai,traditional Thaiboxing practitioners."

Check GMMA Facebook page. Click Here.

Training with GMMA and Krystian:

Gurumuay Thai Graduation
From Filip's MMB experience here is the view of GMMA and Krystian coaching. Martial arts has always been part of Filip's training and passion. Starting from wrestling in young age, moved to Shotokan Karate, followed by Kickboxing inspired by Krystian 7 years ago and finally Gurumay (Muay Thai and Thai Boxing) also following Krystian where he is an instructor now with many fights semi-professional and professional fighting for a Kickboxing belt and displaying his skills at O2 indigo arena organised by Muay Thai GP. Filip transformation perhaps begun in the gym with the creation of Muscle Mass Brothers last year, yet another part of his sport life is martial arts with GMMA. The fitness side of training is a great way for people reducing body mass and cutting on fat, yet creating lean muscle as well as improving stamina. The fitness part of martial arts is not the only positive element. The learnings of martial arts boost your confidence and allows to learn more about self defense (obviosly we do not train to hit other people on the streets). There is also spiritual side of Gurumay which comes from Muay Thai where we include meditation in the tanning to keep our mind clear relaxing after the training and concentrating on our goals and successes. There are many key elements where martial arts can improve our life drastically that is why Filip is so passionate about it.

GMMA Academy:

Guru Muay Thai Logo
Guru Muay Thai (GMMA Academy) is built from few different schools of martial arts spread across west London (Croydon, Southall, Shephards Bush). The GMMA Academy consists of: GUKWOONE & GURUMUAYTHAI. The focus is spread between younger and older passionate fighters. 

What is Gukwoone:
Gukwoone is a new martial art system that incorporates techniques from Taekwondo,Muay Thai,Ju Jitsu and Kabudo (weapons). The overall ultimate objective of learning Gukwoone is to Cultivate a disciplined mind, body and spirit.Classes open for all levels of fitness,no martial arts experience required! Children welcome from 3 years old.

What is Gurumuay:
Athletically the classes cover many aspects of fitness including cardio and strength through high intensity training, just as much as lower intensity exercise and building strength.You do all of this while also learning how to defend yourself in a real life situation incase you have to. The nature of the class and sport of Muay Thai also lets you learn to move in ways you thought you could not, or wanted to learn to.

This can be achieved through the punches kicks and other techniques you learn but also general good body movement, balance and flexibility that is practiced in class.
However, if your looking to go further into the sport such as competing, GuruMuayThai has a very good team and history behind it and will give you the support to reach that point. Other than becoming healthier through the physical side of Muay Thai, you can also reach a strong confident and peaceful state of mind. By becoming capable of doing new things and learning what you are not able to do you can become more confident in yourself, and use what you learn about yourself to help you in life outside of class.

There have been many fights where UK GMMA has been part of, including the o2 Muay Thai Grand Prix 2 where Krystian had his professional fight. Check here for the video (Click here).

Also GMMA has aschool in Malaysia and Australia with amazing fighters and old school training facilities, London team has been training in Malaysia check GMMA blog post here

Muscle Mass Brothers are planning to get an interview from Krystian to find out more about GMMA and his fighting future. 

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