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World Power Expo and Show Summary

 Muscle Mass Brothers at World Power

World Power Expo and Show

World Power is the leading new Show & Expo for fitness enthusiasts from across London and around the world. Taking place over 2 action packed days, World Power features a large exhibition for both trade and consumer attendees. Alongside the Expo are an extensive number of Show Floors providing world-class entertainment from a huge array of celebrity attendees, professional athletes and industry experts. 

From the seeing the next Arnold Schwarzenegger at the UKBFF’s English Grand Prix to trying out a bit of Parkour yourself for the first time, this event is ideal for anyone who’s even remotely interested in the more active side of life.

'Ever seen Ultimate Strongman on TV? Watch the kickboxing at the Olympics in 2012? Ever want to meet celebrities like “Mr Olympia” Ronnie Coleman and master of motivation Frank Medrano?'


Excel in London as expected has been a great place to organise World Power. The venue is awesome many people has come by to watch Shows, Expos and competitions, although there were not as many people compared to Birmingham. London been capital of United Kingdom does attract many sport passionates from many areas and Excel has risen to the standards of welcoming visitors to the event. The atmosphere has been just awesome with so many positively motivated people whether they would be professionals or just beginning their sport journeys, World Power in London Excel has been destination for anyone on Saturday and Sunday who has at least minimal interest in gym and bodybuilding of any kind.

The venue has been a good destination a great place to put bodybuilding, fitness, bikini, muscle physique competitions as well as martial arts and amazing strongmen. The photos has been uploaded and show the greatness of competing on stage with really competitive individuals at very high level. The UKBFF organisation has shown the variation of categories as well as introducing new mens physique category to the show for the first time making a history in Excel London.

Expo - The expo has been much on smaller scale compared to Birmingham Body Power Expo although there were few places worth looking into. Not only big brands had a chance to shine but the local smaller brands like Gym's Kitchen has played part in World Power Expo.


The main focus of World Power event has been the shows. Beginning from Strongmen to martial arts and UKBFF competitions. Let's talk about stongmen's first, as this was really energetic and exciting part of the show.

 On the other hand there were Muay Thai competition which has been placed in the middle of the World Power expo + show floor. The fighting sports like the martial art of Muay Thai has been greatly admired by the attendees. Some blood and sweat between walking by to different booths has brought some extra adrenaline making everyone pumped up. The greatness of martial arts is that even people not interested in fighting had stopped to watch and gain a bit more interest of what was going on. Such event in our opinion is a great start for any athlete and it was an extra enjoyment for some of MMB members too.

The UKMF is responsible for the expansion of Muaythai throughout the United Kingdom through supporting youth interest and athletes to learn the skills, assisting in the pursuit of excellence in the game, etc. The UKMF’s primary objective is maintaining and promoting excellence in the Muaythai art – as a form of cultural art, self-defense and popular ring sport.


"This is one of the UK’s main and most prestigious bodybuilding tournaments and will be showcasing the very greatest in UK bodybuilding talent today. Categories include Classic, Fitness, Physique and Bikini."

The exhibition, accessible to all, amateurs as well as pros, has featured over 50 live shows and competitions linked to: fitness, bodybuilding, power training, martial arts and healthy living. The selection of the professional shows and competitions include, amongst others: the UKBFF English Grand Prix (Bodybuilding), the UK Strongest Man 2015, the WBA European Breaking Championships, the Sumo Wrestling Tournament, UK’s Next Top Fitness Model, CrossFit challenges, the British Council Stick Fighting Southern Open Championships, Parkour and Capoeira demonstrations, celebrity and athlete presentations, plus many, many more.

World-class exhibition organisers, International Research Networks and Oliver Kinross, have teamed up with the biggest federations and sports associations such as UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF), UK Muaythai Federation, World Breaking Association (USBAWBA), British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), Parkour UK, and many more, to offer an unprecedented journey into the fitness world.
(source from prweb blog)

Ewelina Skorczyk:


Our friend who we Muscle Mass Brothers gladly support had great performance with amazing figure. Although she did not get to be in the final three we were happy to be there watching the show. We wish Ewelina best of luck in future competition and for sure MMB will be supporting on her journey. The competition has been really close and strong, we were surprised how humble Ewelina was appreciating other participants. We would agree with Ewelina that the other girls have performed really well too with awesome figure. The show has sparkled extra motivation into the audience and all MMB members. Ewelina is part of really strong team called Showgirl with quite few more girls participating in other categories. Of course all photos can be seen in our gallery page.

Support Ewelina on Facebook and Instagramewelina_bikini_fitness

Muscle Mass Brothers will try to arrange an interview with Ewelina about her diet, training and future plans! 

Bodybuilder - Ronnie Coleman

We had chance to meet - Ronnie Coleman the 8 times Mr. Olympia winner.

Ronnie was born Ronald Dean Coleman on May 13, 1964 in Monroe, Louisiana. His height is 5 feet 11 inches, and he currently lives in Arlington, Texas. He graduated from Grambling State College in Louisiana, with a degree in accounting. He lives in Arlington, Texas and works as a police officer. He has been a police officer since 1989.

He was introduced into competition bodybuilding by Brian Dobson, the owner of Arlington's Metro Flex Gym. His first bodybuilding contest was in April 1990, at the Mr. Texas. He won first heavyweight and overall. His contest weight is around 229 pounds, while his offseason weight hovers around 250. He met his girlfriend Vickie Gates, an IFBB pro bodybuilder, in 1992 at a GNC store.

 Alex (MMB) with Ronnie Coleman after his seminar, following his motivational icon of bodybuilding.  

Filip (MMB) with Ronnie Coleman, great to meet such amazing and legendary person.

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